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Principle Of Heat Pipe Exchanger

Time:6 January 2017 Click:711

Heat pipe is a kind of heat transfer element with high thermal conductivity. It transmits heat by evaporating and condensing the working fluid in the totally enclosed vacuum tube. It has plenty of advantages of high thermal conductivity, good isothermal property, temperature controlling, long-distance heat transfer and heat transfer area on on both sides can be changed arbitrarily.


The heat exchanger with heat pipe as the heat transfer element has the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure, small loss of fluid resistance and favorable control of dew point corrosion. Currently, it has been widely used as energy-saving equipment for waste heat recovery and heat energy use during the producing process and achieved remarkable economic benefits in metallurgy, chemical, oil refining, boilers, ceramics, textile, transportation, machinery and other industries.


• Heat pipe exchangers are guaranteed to be optimal for superconducting heat cooling.
• Closed design with internal and external air isolation.
• Easy to transport and install.
• No condensation due to subcooling of the heat exchanger.
• Routine maintenance inspection is easy.


• Various mechanical control box
• Telecommunication equipment cabinet
• Heavy machinery and equipment control box
• Measuring instruments

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