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Performance Characteristics Of Steam Air Heater With Round Tube

Time:7 December 2016 Click:267

1. High thermal efficiency

In terms of technology, Steam Air Heater With Round Tube adopts circular tube induction heating, which saves energy, and boasts high heating speed and high thermal efficiency.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection

Round tube induction heating is green and modern with low noises after start-up. When used, it will not release any harmful gas, fire, smoke, smell or many pollution problems of the traditional coal-fired equipment. In the heating process, there will not be open fire, and it can truly be environmental friendly and energy-saving.

3. Safe and reliable

The heating core part carries out internal heat dissipation and external power, which is safe and reliable.

4. Long service life

The heating core part adopts the induction heating pipe. Constant power ensures the heater life and user heating effect.


5. Small product size

Beautiful appearance, easy to install.

6. Low installation and operation costs

After the successful development of Steam Air Heater With Round Tube, it’s immediately introduced to the market and has won recognition, indicating that it has great superiority Low operation costs over the long term is its biggest advantage.

7. Healthy and comfortable
The product is very suitable for modern families and small and medium-sized enterprises and institutions. Compared with other similar heating equipment, it has more obvious advantages.