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  • Principle Of Heat Pipe Exchanger
    Principle Of Heat Pipe Exchanger6 January 2017

    Heat pipe is a kind of heat transfer element with high thermal conductivity. It transmits heat by evaporating and condensing the working fluid in the totally enclosed vacuum tube. It...

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  • Stainless Steel Tube Installation
    Stainless Steel Tube Installation4 January 2017

    Since the invention of stainless steel in the beginning of this century, stainless steel attract many company in different fields. But there is no doubt that stainless steel enjoy...

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  • Die Casting Aluminum Radiator
    Die Casting Aluminum Radiator30 December 2016

    Radiator, also known as heating plate, is the terminal product of building heating system. So it should be able to meet the requirements of reliable, energy saving, environmental...

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  • The Defects Of Galvanized Steel Plate
    The Defects Of Galvanized Steel Plate29 December 2016

    No matter for what product, the main purpose of galvanized steel is to extend its service life. However, if the defects of steel products are not detected during the process of...

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  • The New Development Of Aluminum Heat Exchanger
    The New Development Of Aluminum Heat Exchanger27 December 2016

    Although the application of all-aluminum body in the automotive industry is still a rare thing, the aluminum heat exchanger is now almost universal in the car.

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