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Die Casting Aluminum Radiator

Time:30 December 2016 Click:806

Radiator, also known as heating plate, is the terminal product of building heating system. So it should be able to meet the requirements of reliable, energy saving, environmental protection and aesthetic. Die casting aluminum radiator has  these characteristics.

The high thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is the best medium for thermal energy conversion and it is also decisive factors to maintain good radiating performance. It is characterized by less time, heating fast, high efficiency. Easy to be processed is a major feature for aluminum radiator.


Aluminum radiator is the lightest, easy handling and installing radiator in a variety of radiators. Besides, it has good thermal conductivity, fast heat dissipation and high-strength of metal heat. Because it is easy to be squeeze into various shapes of radiator, it has the appearance of new and beautiful with rich decoration. It is not afraid of oxidation and corrosion since aluminum oxide is the best protective film after oxidation. What’s more, it enjoy great popularity among working-class with appropriate price.

Large heat dissipation, heat fast, high efficiency are the biggest characteristics of aluminum radiator. Moreover, with the appearance of electrostatic spray, beautiful color, it also has good decoration function. The overall evaluation is that comprehensive production does not pollute the environment and water quality. Its weight is only one-tenth of cast iron. It is environmental protection, energy conservation, beautiful and generous, occupying a small room space. Die casting aluminum radiator conforms to China's requirements of the radiator --"light, efficient, environmental protection, energy saving".